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Tomorrow I will be 28. Actually, by the time you read this I will have been 28 for some time, or possibly even older. Nevertheless, at the time of writing I will be 28 tomorrow, and in my 28 years I have written several drawer-fulls of music. In the next 28 years I expect to write several drawer-fulls more, and I was thinking that rather than leaving it to gather dust I would use the internet as an outlet for my musical work. Hopefully, having this page will also encourage me to write more new material as well, but we shall see about that...

Some of the tunes will be very old. Some will be brand-spanking new never-been-heard-before. Some will be full finished mixes, others just drafts or ideas. Some will be solo work, some will be collaborative. Some might even be by other people. To help you put things in context I will also write a short paragraph about each piece as it is released.

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08/10/2011 - Submit To The Chemical (remix) [Download]
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Following on from my last update, here is the second of two remixes I did for The Last Army, back in 2008. This one is a remix of Submit To The Chemical.

As I mentioned in my last post, my computer died a smoky death in the middle of the project, before I'd even begun this second remix. I had big plans for this track, all of which had to go out of the window. Without my main computer, I was stuck with my laptop. I had no way of recording any additional live tracks and wasn't even able to plug in my MIDI keyboard to record anything that way. All I had was the source material, my sample library and whatever software I had got round to installing on the laptop (which wasn't as much as I'd hoped). I had to scale back my ideas quite a bit, so it ended up being a bit of a hatchet job, alas.

I did a couple of versions of the track - the first was a bit of a jungle remix, which I quite liked, but which they felt was a bit heavy for the target audience. So, with time running out, I did a more club-tempo version, which is what I've uploaded here.

It wasn't what I'd planned, thanks to the world conspiring against me, but all in all it ended up pretty good, considering!


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