In October 1995, a chance meeting on a bridge in York between two
genetically deficient yet highly enthusiastic students, led to a friendship
and a working partnership that has spanned a ridiculously musical decade.

The entity known as "Mark Richard Henry Clements and Robin John Etherington"
was officially 10 years old on Saturday October 8th 2005 and celebrated this fact with
an evening of music and booze.

The evening saw some creative mash-ups from Twin Tub, some old-skool tracks from E-Bru
(including a live drum and bass work-out circa 1998) and the gestalt entity that is mister
badman, performing some baffling music, Live - in 3D!

Thank you very much to everyone who came, got drunk and then danced their asses off
to the magnificent DJ stylings of Mr. Steve Haines. Thanks also to the many people who sent
apologies for their absence, in particular Kaf & Dan's photo from Land's End (see below).

Hope you’ll all be able to join us in ten years time, for the spectacular
Mark 'n' Bob are 20 (details to be confirmed).


Mark ‘n’ Bob

From The Night:
Hit Me Bowser One More Time - Twin Tub
Labrador - E-Bru
The Planets - mister badman
What's Your Noun - mister badman
plus a selection of photos

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