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Tomorrow I will be 28. Actually, by the time you read this I will have been 28 for some time, or possibly even older. Nevertheless, at the time of writing I will be 28 tomorrow, and in my 28 years I have written several drawer-fulls of music. In the next 28 years I expect to write several drawer-fulls more, and I was thinking that rather than leaving it to gather dust I would use the internet as an outlet for my musical work. Hopefully, having this page will also encourage me to write more new material as well, but we shall see about that...

Some of the tunes will be very old. Some will be brand-spanking new never-been-heard-before. Some will be full finished mixes, others just drafts or ideas. Some will be solo work, some will be collaborative. Some might even be by other people. To help you put things in context I will also write a short paragraph about each piece as it is released.

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29/05/2005 - Programming Error (rough edit) [Download]
Been a little bit busy recently! Maldaba has recently started a couple of huge projects, Blink Twice made an appearance at the Bristol Comic Convention, (which included a demo of the forthcoming Malcolm Magic computer game, which I must say is looking pretty good, folks!), and of course, E-Bru were playing the Roxy Jam surf festival down in Newquay. That's right, a week-long all-female surf festival in sunny Cornwall - Hooray! (And, at times, rainy Cornwall - Boo!).

Whilst down there we were handing out some demos of our forthcoming EP, "Polaroids From A Party"', which we hope to be releasing towards the end of August. And just to prove that you get better info about E-Bru here than on our official website (what's that about, eh?) I thought that as well as announcing the EP, I'd also post the preview copy of one of the tracks. It's a rough, rough mix but hopefully it'll wet your appetite for what's on the way...

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