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Tomorrow I will be 28. Actually, by the time you read this I will have been 28 for some time, or possibly even older. Nevertheless, at the time of writing I will be 28 tomorrow, and in my 28 years I have written several drawer-fulls of music. In the next 28 years I expect to write several drawer-fulls more, and I was thinking that rather than leaving it to gather dust I would use the internet as an outlet for my musical work. Hopefully, having this page will also encourage me to write more new material as well, but we shall see about that...

Some of the tunes will be very old. Some will be brand-spanking new never-been-heard-before. Some will be full finished mixes, others just drafts or ideas. Some will be solo work, some will be collaborative. Some might even be by other people. To help you put things in context I will also write a short paragraph about each piece as it is released.

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28/11/2004 - I Give You Dorrar [Download]
I was chatting to a friend of mine, Pat, the other day (at his birthday, no less!) and he reminded me of a particularly strange studio session we had around Easter time in 1997. We were in the studio from about 1am, having (of course) had a fair number of drinks, with a massive amount of equipment and absolutely no plan about what we were going to do with it. I think the engineer was expecting a live band, but we turned up with samplers, keyboards, effects units, drum machines, an old analogue synth and pretty much anything else I had lying around my home studio. And of course Pat had his trusty Strat and juicy Tweed amp.

By 5 in the morning our heads were wrapped in masking tape and we were getting slightly hysterical. (It probably didn't help that I had arrived back from California just the previous day.) We had somehow acquired a security guard's hat (I think it just turned up in one of my equipment cases) which Pat was wearing, along with some hand-drawn facial hair. Nonetheless we did get something down to tape, managing to use pretty much every bit of equipment we had in the process. I don't think the engineer was very impressed with the result - he did a perfunctory mix-down (which, as far as I know, is the only copy still in existence) which is almost unlistenable to. The levels are all wrong, there's a massive hiss and the guitar was louder than Paisley (both the textile pattern AND the reverend Ian!)

Realising I didn't have anything else to put up this week, and with our conversation still in mind, I decided to fish out that old tape and, with a generous dose of modern studio magic (and a rare free evening) I managed to transform it into something that, whilst by no means brilliant, gives us something to show for that crazy night in the studio.

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