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This extension is currently installed on this wiki. Feel free to experiment with it!
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This extension is also documented at

If the pages are not in sync. then this version on my test wiki is always the most up-to-date.

This extension allows users to personalise the home page by creating a new page in their user space that will be used instead.

How to customise[edit]

Create a sub-page of your user page which has the same name as the main page of your wiki. By default this is Main Page, but this is configurable on a per-wiki basis so it may differ in your case. You can find the correct name by checking the contents of MediaWiki:Mainpage for the wiki in question. "Main Page" should be replaced by the appropriate value for your wiki throughout the remainder of these instructions.

If your username was "Sir Dennis" you would therefore create your personalised home page at "User:Sir Dennis/Main Page". You can edit the page to contain whatever you want. If you want to include the contents of the non-customised main page then add {{:Main Page}} at the point you want it to appear.


Copy the source code to a file called PersonalisedHomepage.php in your extensions directory, and add the following line to the bottom of your LocalSettings.php file:


Live sourcecode viewer: PersonalisedHomepage.php
Last modified: 2021-04-08 10:18:49