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This is an (incomplete) list of features and bugs that need fixing for v1.


  • Update tables when page is moved.
  • Update tables when page is deleted.
  • Update tables when page is undeleted.
  • (check that rollbacks work)
  • 'What links here' should show templates that are included via data tags.


  • Better data syntax: Need to allow multiple rows in a single definition.
    • Also, data definitions in a DB namespace shouldn't require the 'table' attribute (default to current).
  • Repeat tag syntax: a lot of decisions need to be made before this can be finalised, but some specifics:
    • Contents of repeat tag will be repeated for each row.
    • Ability to have header/footer?
    • Can't use > in attribute text, as it cripples parser. Need to decide how to specify criteria.
      • Criteria syntax in general - how detailed can we get?
  • Field names need to be limited to 255 chars (DB limit)
  • Field names need to have leading underscores removed (Reserved for special uses)


  • References to tables in table="..." attributes should follow redirects. This allows tables to be moved without screwing everything up!