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For each category of item, this page contains an exhaustive list of available WikiDB features. Not all of these are documented elsewhere yet. I aim to ensure this page is always up-to-date with the latest features, even if the proper documentation doesn't appear until some time later.

Configuration settings

Used to configure how WikiDB works.

Maintenance scripts

Command-line scripts for creating, upgrading or maintaining the WikiDB database.

Special pages

Additional pages provided by WikiDB.

New wiki syntax

New wiki markup that WikiDB provides.

Built-in data types

Data types provided by WikiDB for use when defining tables. It is also possible for you to create custom data types, if necessary.

Meta-data fields

Extra fields that are included in each row of data, that may be referenced within the <repeat> tag.

  • _SourceArticle
  • _Row

Criteria operators

The following operators are available for use in any place where filter criteria may be specified. Note that when used in the criteria attribute of the <repeat> tag, you currently need to write > as &gt; (due to the inherent restrictions on attribute values), so you may wish to use the alternative text-representation instead. Note that text-representations are case-insensitive.

= or == or EQ
Not equal
<> or != or NEQ
Greater than
> or GT
Less than
< or LT
Greater than or equal to
>= or GTE
Less than or equal to
<= or LTE
AND or && or ,
OR or ||
( )

Public constants

The following constants have been provided for use in configuring/customisting WikiDB.

For setting $wgWikiDBMaxRefreshRate

  • WIKIDB_DisableAutoRefresh
  • WIKIDB_RefreshAll

For custom type handlers

The following constants have been provided for use when creating a custom type handler, in order to understand what operation is being requested.

  • WIKIDB_Validate
  • WIKIDB_FormatForDisplay
  • WIKIDB_FormatForSorting
  • WIKIDB_GetSimilarity