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Please add yourself to this table, giving as much info as you want, so I can get an idea of the any issues with particular versions of MediaWiki. You don't have to register on this site in order to fill in the table.

Wiki Wiki Owner WikiDB Version MW Version Size of Wiki* WikiDB Usage** Comments
This TestWiki HappyDog Latest*** 1.25.2 small light Main testing server - WikiDB is well tested on this setup.
[] Sebastian Stadil ( Revision 66 1.12 small light I have a shared hosting plan on Dreamhost which does not have Create Temporary Table permission, so I will try to work around that.
(private corporate wiki) Shane Phillips ( Revision 177 1.14.0 small medium -
(private wiki) n/a Revision 177 1.10.0 small small - talk to us in IRC Version 3, r495 1.16.0 500+ pages just started This seems like a great extension, maybe we can collaborate to further improve it. :)

* Either give rough article count, or a broader small/medium/large/etc.
** How much use does the WikiDB extension get? Is it used on most pages, some pages, rarely, etc.
*** This wiki always runs the latest available version. Please give the specific version you are running here (available from Special:Version, or for older versions within the WikiDB.php file. Not available for really old versions!).