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Welcome to the Kennel 17 Test Wiki
This is a test wiki, primarily used for demonstrating MediaWiki extensions that I have developed (or am in the process of developing). Some extensions are more stable than others, but all feedback is appreciated, even for prototypes. You can contact me either by e-mail or by leaving a message on my talk page.

WikiDB - A wiki-based database system.

Adds fully-integrated database functionality to your wiki.

Debugging tools

On-wiki tools to help display information about live source code, useful when developing/distributing custom extensions.

WikiCalendar - An outlook-style calendar extension.

(Under development, and not yet installed on this wiki)


An extension that checks your Bugzilla installation and adds a strikethrough to interwiki links for closed bugs.


An extension to allow users to personalise the main page if they choose.


Extension that provides a media-player for in-page playback of .mp3 files (via HTML5 <audio> tag).


An extension that provides a primitive form of page protection.


An extension to emulate the functionality of $wgNonincludableNamespaces in earlier versions of MediaWiki.

For full details of the currently installed extensions, and the version of MediaWiki that they are running on, please consult Special:Version.