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This extension is currently installed on this wiki. Feel free to experiment with it!
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This extension is also documented at

If the pages are not in sync. then this version on my test wiki is always the most up-to-date.

This extension contains a small set of tools that I find useful when debugging my extensions, or when making them available to others. I periodically add tools as I find a need, and may consider requests from other people if I find them interesting or useful enough.

  • <describe_table> - allows you to output the structure of a DB table on a wiki page.
  • <show_source> - displays the contents of a named file on a wiki page.
  • <show_revision> - displays the Subversion revision number of the specified file.
  • {{#IfExtensionPresent: ...}} - Parser hook so you can alter page content depending on whether an extension is installed on the wiki.

Current version: (rev 2047)
The source is available under example 1 of the show_source page.