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What The Internet Was Made For!

A periodically updated tribute to man's inventiveness.

Criteria For Inclusion

1) The idea and/or service being put forward is something that could not work in any other medium.

2) The site either does something genuinely unique, or puts a unique angle on an existing idea.

3) I think the site is funny or worth-while enough to want it on my website. This rule overrides the previous two :)

For inclusion a site doesn't necessarily have to be amusing (though there will probably be a strong bias towards the comic).

Note that there is no fixed schedule for updates - they will take place as and when I feel like it.

Newest Site:

No. 5 - Homestar Runner

Wikipedia - The Free EncyclopediaI can't believe it's taken me this long to list this site. It was the first site I found that genuinely managed to do internet humour. Most humour sites play cartoons or show movies, which would work just as well in other mediums. Homestar Runner adds interactivity, and is truly the funniest website I have ever visited, and what's more, keep revisiting, as it is updated every week.

Past Sites:

No. 1 - The Infinite Cat Project

Visit SiteAt first glance this site could easily be dismissed as nonsense. However, having read the opening paragraph, click through the first cat. Now hit 'Next Cat' repeatedly. That's when you realise that it really is nonsense - but also incredibly funny!

No. 2 - Eric Conveys An Emotion

Visit SiteAnother site that requires a little exploration to get the most out of. Use the list on the left to see Eric conveying a variety of emotions. He starts off with the obvious ones (happy, sad, etc.) but quickly get more interesting. My favourite is probably his 'Sarcastic Respect for Authority Figures'. And if you can't find an emotion - just suggest it!

No. 3 - They Work For You

They Work For You

Planning on voting against your MP because Tony Blair took us to war? Do you even know who your MP is? I didn't until I found this site. Enter your postcode to get all the info you could ever want about your parliamentary representative. Read their full voting record, with links to a transcript of the debate. Did they want war, or were they seeking a more peaceful solution? How often do they vote against the party line? How often do they attend parliament? I urge anyone with any political interests at all to take a look at this site - it's parliamentary transparency at it's best.

No. 4 - Wikipedia

Wikipedia - The Free EncyclopediaIf you've not come across Wikipedia before, then it's probably about time you checked it out. In fact, I'm amazed it's taken me this long to list it on this page. If ever there was a site to demonstrate the power of the internet then this is it. At the time of writing, this on-line encyclopedia has more than 450,000 articles written by over 170,000 people - and that's just the English version!

The most revolutionary thing about the encyclopedia is that anyone can edit it. You spot a spellin mistake in an article you're reading? No problem, click 'edit' and fix it yourself. Want to add some extra information, or maybe a whole new article? Easy! Some people fear this will just lead to anarchy, but the truth is it works!